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Arnaum realised in her early career working with children that when they received the guidance and love they required from their parents their behaviour was well balanced, and they were more comfortable in whom they were. This lead Arnaum to create a supportive and informative service for parents, realising that when parents are confident in their parenting role, and willing to acknowledge what they bring to the table, this enables a more positive parenting experience for all concerned.

Confident Parents = confident children.

Arnaum has enjoyed supporting and nurturing parents and their families as a Parenting Counsellor for 25 years. She assists parents to develop their own individual, conscious parenting skills with confidence in their own unique style.

Arnaum has a Diploma in Early Childhood Studies. She trained and became a Nursing Mother’s Breastfeeding Counsellor for 15 years. During this time Arnaum supported Mother’s Group Meetings, and was a facilitator in Pre and Post Natal Education.

Arnaum has also contributed her skills and enjoyed being involved with various committees and groups in N.S.W, Queensland and South Australia relating to Birthing, Parenting Education and Support.

Reiki 1 & 2, Massage, Herbal Medicine and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), are some of the modalities she uses in her Practice. Arnaum has also assisted in Women’s Workshops and Seminars relating to self awareness and healing.

Writing articles concerning childhood development, parenting and life issues are vital to Arnaum’s commitment in assisting parents and children.

Arnaum is regularly invited to speak to groups of parents and often a guest speaker at parenting related seminars.

She has raised two grown sons and is still nannying for one family. She continues to enjoy the experiences and joys that caring for children bring.

In 2008 Arnaum qualified as an Accredited Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, which enables her to assist people in making authentic, healing changes that become evident in daily living.

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